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Car Care Technology News

Car Care Technology News

by Andrew Holeman on June 19, 2014

First things first - allow us to say thanks for visiting our website. It is our hope your experience is a positive one and that you visit often. Our plan is to keep the site fresh and informative.

We plan to provide not only the best aftermarket protective products that technology allows us to offer, but to also keep you informed on the science and engineering that is the basis for our designed solutions. 

Performance vehicles are not just a sizable investment but a point of passion and pride for us all.  Protection and care of this investment from the wear and damage seen even under normal operating conditions is a key concern.  

Like many of you, we were unhappy with the available protective covering solutions constructed from vinyl, leather or an applied protective film.  These solutions can be large, bulky, difficult to install, hard to remove, poor fitting (which can damage vehicle), can require permanent alteration to the vehicle from drilling or cutting and can be expensive.

Our years of real-world experience with our products and millions of miles represented by our customers’ use of our products has led us to develop what we believe to be a superior solution – our line of NoviStretch™ Performance Protective Covers. 

We strive to see that our product designs are solidly based on simple, innovative solutions to the problems that we all deal with. We recognize that there is no perfect product and our products are constantly in a state of evolution in an effort to stay current with your feedback, advances in material sciences and new manufacturing capabilities. 

In a Series of articles to follow we will touch on the several aspects of car care technology that has lead us to the current design of our Protective Performance Covers including:  

  • Automotive paint and paint systems
  • Car care products
  • The evolution of the “car bra”
  • Air borne insects and contaminants
  • Air flow and high horsepower performance 

We love to have a dialogues on these topics so, if you have insights to offer on the subjects covered or wish to see us address other aspects of this subject please comment. (See feedback section in the “contact us section” of the website.).

Thanks for visiting,

The NoviStretch™ Design Team