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Novigo Designs, LLC warrants this product against “defects in material and workmanship” for a period of twelve (12) months from the original date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser.

The “material defects” that can occur and are subject to coverage by this warranty are those specifically related to UV degradation and problems that can arise from the loss of elasticity due to degradation.  “Workmanship” refers to the hardware and stitching that are part of the design and construction of the product. 

During the warranty period, Novigo Designs will repair, or at its own option, replace all or part of the product that proves to be defective from normal wear and tear, provided the product is returned freight paid to Novigo Designs. 

Your PURCHASE RECEIPT, or other proof of date of original consumer purchase along with the defective product must be provided when requesting warranty service to be performed.  

This Warranty does not apply if, in the opinion of Novigo Designs, the product has been altered or damaged by accident, misuse, neglect or abuse. Due to the nature of the application the product is subject to tearing if it comes in contact with road debris or the road surface such as driveway entrances/ exist; parking curbs, etc.  

The product is subject to tiny holes that can result from the residue of bugs, bird droppings , tree sap, etc.. This type of deterioration is not subject to warranty coverage and can generally be avoided by proper and frequent cleaning of the product.

In the event this product proves defective either in “Workmanship” or “Materials”, only repairs or remedy as stated in this warranty shall be recognized, and under no circumstances shall Novigo Designs or its authorized distributors be liable for any loss or damage, direct, incidental or consequential, arising out of the use of, or inability to use this product caused by any defect in the product. 

Novigo Designs (and its authorized distributors) liability is limited to the materials and workmanship of the product. Novigo Designs is not responsible for damage caused by the product to the paint or finish of the vehicle. To avoid any possible damage and to get the maximum benefit from your Novigo Designs product, carefully follow the installation and care instructions provided. 

Novigo Designs, LLC.

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