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FBM450V Installation Instructions | NoviStretch

NoviStretch™ Front Bumper Mask

Step #1

Clean the bumper, fender wells, and surfaces under the car thoroughly. Tar and grease remover is recommended.

Step #2

Turn the front wheels to gain easier access to the fender liner mounting screws that you will be replacing.

Step #3A

Locate the fender liner mounting screws at the edge of the bumper inside the fender well. Loosen all four screws, this will make it easier to gain access to the two (2) U-clips that you will be removing. From the top of the fender liner, locate and remove the 2nd and 4th OEM screws and corresponding OEM U-clips that

Step #3B

Reach inside the bumper to remove and replace the U-clips at the edge of the bumper.

Replace these two screws and U-clips with the snap-head screw, washer and U-clip included in the hardware kit. (Note: position the U-clip with the male portion pointing to the front of the car.)

Step #4

On the top edge of the bumper, remove and replace the OEM screw located in the first horizontal position adjacent to the wheel well with supplied snap-head screw. It is not necessary to remove the U-clip that secures this screw.

Repeat steps 2-4 on the other side of the car.

Step #5A

Begin the installation of the mask by fastening the top snap on one end of the mask to the snap-head screw installed at the top edge of the bumper.

Step #5B

Stretch the mask across the front of the bumper and attach to the other side of the car. (Note: the bottom of the mask can be identified by the label located along the bottom edge of the mask.) Finally, secure the other two snaps inside the wheel well on each side of the car. Pull the bottom edge of the mask down under the bumper.

CAUTION: Do not attempt to pull the mask down over the plastic air dam underneath the bumper!

A small section of the bumper will be uncovered. If the mask covers the air dam, the mask could be damaged by parking blocks, driveway entrances, speed bumps, etc. due to the low clearance.

Step #6

With the hood open, adjust by hand the top of the mask into the hood opening to ensure a clean and complete installation. Close and latch the hood.

The Novistretch® FBM450V front bumper mask is easily secured using snap fasteners integrated into the design. This requires snap-head screws, supplied in the hardware kit, to be installed on the car as described in the following steps. The initial installation is estimated to take 15-20 minutes to complete. After setup, the mask can be quickly and easily installed and removed.
The FBM450V is designed for installation on all 1984 – 1996 C4 Corvettes

Tools Required

Short-handled Philips screwdriver
T-20 Torx-head screwdriver or wrench
7mm Socket or wrench

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