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FBM650V - Installation Instructions | NoviStretch

NoviStretch™ Front Bumper Mask

Step #1 & Step #2

Clean the bumper and surfaces under the car and the fender wells thoroughly (tar and grease remover is recommended). Turn the front wheels to gain easier access to the fender liner mounting screws that you will be replacing.

Step #3

Locate the mounting pins at the edge of the bumper inside the fender liner and remove the four (4) pins that attach the fender liner to the front bumper starting with the top pin. [Note: the pin is a male/female assembly. The male piece can be pried loose from the female piece using a flat blade screwdriver. Insert the blade of the screwdriver in the slot at the edge of the pin and twist the screwdriver causing the pin to come free of the female piece]. After removing the male piece, the female piece can be removed].

After removing the retaining pins, install a J-clip (Nipple side is toward the front of the car) at each of the four holes in the bumper. [The J-clip is designed to go around the edge of the fiberglass bumper and serves as the nut for the screw you will be installing.]. Reposition the fender liner aligning the holes in the liner with the holes in the bumper. Now install the four (4) snap-head screw studs. Repeat this step on the other side of the car.

Step #4

Begin the installation by fastening the snaps on one end of the mask to the screws just installed on the edge of the bumper.

Step #5

Stretch the mask across the front of the bumper and attach to the other side of the car. Note: the tension in the mask is normal and important to the overall performance of the product.

Step #6

Pull the bottom edge of the mask down under the bumper, noting the position of the snaps on the bottom edge of the mask. Replace the screws on the bottom of the bumper that best align with the snaps on the mask with a snap head screw stud. Note: the screws on the bottom of the C6 are approximately 10” back front the front edge of the bumper in slightly recessed wells and can be easy to overlook. Fasten the snaps on bottom of the mask to the screws just installed on the bottom of the bumper.

Step #7

Locate and slightly loosen the screw holding the corner of the air dam on each side of the car allowing the bottom edge of the mask to go between the bumper and the air dam. Note: Do not install mask over the air-dam.

Step #8

Open the hood. Hold the top of the mask and pull it up to the hood opening. Secure the top corners of the mask to the body frame by looping the open straps on the mask over the tab alongside the hood-hinge.

Step #9

Remove the screws on the frame that best align with the snaps on the mask and replace with a snap-head screw stud. Secure the mask by fastening the snaps on the mask to the snaps just installed.

The NoviStretch™ FBM650V mask is easily secured using snap fasteners integrated into the design. This requires snap-head screws, supplied in the hardware kit, be installed on the car as described below. The initial installation should require approximately 15 minutes to complete. After setup the mask can be easily installed and removed in just under one minute.

The FBM650V is designed for installation on 2005-2013 C6 Base and Convertible Model Corvettes (this mask is not designed for the 6th Generation Grand Sport, Z06 or 427).

Tools Required

Short handle Philips screwdriver; #15 Torx head screwdriver; socket wrench; 7mm socket

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