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MC250 – Installation Instructions | NoviStretch

NoviStretch™ Mirror Covers

Step #1

Clean the Mirror Housing thoroughly (tar and grease remover is recommended).

Step #2

Position the 3/8” elastic-bound opening of the Mirror Cover at the outside end of the mirror housing and applying equal pressure slide over the mirror housing. Note: this is a tight fit but the material will stretch to allow the cover to pass over the housing. Position the cover so the 1/4” elastic-bound opening is over the mirror glass.

Step #3

Using the flat edge of a plastic card, such as a credit card or driver’s license, wedge the material thru the gap between the mirror glass and the mirror housing. Note: You may need to adjust the mirror glass manually to create a gap to get started.

Step #4

Arrange the material by adjusting as necessary to position the cover smoothly over the housing.

The NoviStretch™ MC250 mirror covers are stretch-fit protective covers designed to slide over the mirror housing and adjust as necessary to fit smoothly and firmly.

The MC250 is designed for installation on all 6th Generation Camaros, 3rd Generation Challengers, and 6th & 7th Generation Mustangs.

Tools Required

Flat edged card such as a credit card or drivers license.

Cleaning and Care Instructions
  • The covers can be cleaned by rinsing in water to remove any dirt or debris then squeezing the water out and allowing to air dry. Wash (by hand) only as necessary. Use a concentrated soap solution on areas of the cover that may be particularly dirty.
  • Always ensure areas covered by the covers are clean and free of sand and grit before installing the cover.
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