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MC350 - C8 Mirror Cover Installation Instructions

MC350 – Installation Instructions

Step #1

Remove the covers from the packaging.

  • To identify the driver side cover from passenger side, place the covers with the slit opening facing you, the continuous seam along the top, and the bound/hemmed opening facing each other as shown below.
  • The cover on the left is the driver side and the right one the passenger side (Fig #1).

Step #2

Holding the hemmed opening of the mirror cover, slide the cover over the mirror housing & adjust the seam on the top to run along the top of the mirror housing. (Fig. #2 & Fig #3)

  • NOTE: It will take a reasonable amount of force to spread the opening as you push the covers over the housing.

Step #3

Install the slit-opening of the cover behind the mirror glass.

  • Start by centering the cover opening over the mirror glass. Push on one edge of the mirror glass to increase the size of the gap between the glass and the housing (Fig. #4).
  • Now using a plastic card (credit card, license, etc), wedge the material into the gap opening (Fig. #5).
  • After the material is behind part of the glass, create a gap on the other end by pushing the mirror glass & continue to wedge the material behind the glass and then return mirror to a flat position (Fig #6 & #7).

⚠️ SAFETY CAUTION: Mirrors are repositioned during installation.  Before driving the car, confirm the correct position of the mirrors from inside the car.  If necessary, adjust using the mirror controls.

Step #4

p>Install the opposite side mirror cover in the same manner.


REMOVAL - The mirror covers can be removed by pulling the material from behind the mirror glass and sliding the cover off the housing. In order to avoid the covers "snagging" or tearing on the back of the mirror glass, utilize the same type of card to guide the removal.

CLEANING - The covers can be cleaned while on the car during the washing of the car or removed and hand-washed with mild detergent (such as car wash, laundry soap, etc), rinsed and allowed to air-dry.

MIRROR GLASS OPENING - The slit opening will need to expand as it correctly sizes itself during the installation process making it easier to reinstall the covers each time (Fig. #8 & #9)

The Novistretch MC350 mirror covers are designed specifically to fit the 2020 – current C8 Mid-Engine Corvette side mirrors.

Enclosed in the package you will find:
  • one pair of mirror covers (left & right)
  • ⚠️ Note: The C8 Corvette has asymmetrical mirror housings so the driver side & passenger side covers are not interchangeable.

Tools Required

Plastic Card (e.g. credit card, license, etc.)

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