FBM350D - Installation Instructions

The NoviStretch™ FBM350D mask is easily secured using snap fasteners integrated into the design. This requires snap-head screws, supplied in the hardware kit, be installed on the car as described below. The initial installation should require approximately 15 minutes to complete. After setup the mask can be easily installed and removed in just under one minute.


The FBM350D is designed for installation on all 2008 - Present 3rd Generation Challengers.  Enclosed you will find:

  • FBM350D Mask
  • Hardware Kit containing four (4) snap-head screw studs; four (4) J-Clips; one (1) adhesive backed Velcro strip.
  • Installation Instructions and Warranty

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Installing your new
NoviStretch™ Front Bumper Mask

Step #1

Clean the bumper and surfaces under the car and the fender wells thoroughly (tar and grease remover is recommended).

Step #2

Turn the front wheels to gain easier access to the fender liner mounting screws that you will be replacing.

Step #3

Locate the upper most and lower most retaining pin at the edge of the bumper inside the fender liner and remove them. Note: pins may be of two types:  1) Male/Female push pins, which are removed by pulling out the male portion and then removing the whole assembly or 2) Pop-Rivet pins, which are removed by raising the edge with a flat-blade screwdriver and using cutters to remove the head and then pushing out the shaft or alternately using a drill to drill out the rivet. (Fig 3.1, Fig 3.2 and Fig 3.3)


After removing the retaining pins, install a J-clip (Nipple side is toward the front of the car) at each of the two holes in the bumper. [The J-clip is designed to go around the edge of the fiberglass bumper  or inner liner and serves as the nut for the screw you will be installing. Reposition the fender liner aligning the holes in the liner with the holes in the bumper. Now install the two (2) snap-head screw studs. Repeat this step on the other side of the car. (Fig 3.4, Fig 3.5 and Fig 3.6)

Step #4

Begin the installation by fastening the snaps on one end of the mask to the screws just installed on the edge of the bumper. (Fig 4.1)

Step #5

Stretch the mask across the front of the bumper and attach to the other side of the car. (Fig 5.1) Note: the tension in the mask is normal and important to the overall performance of the product.

Step #6

Open the hood and holding the top of the mask pull it up to the hood opening and secure the looped strap on each corner of the mask over the corresponding hood-stopper/bumper. (Fig 6.1)

Step #7

Pull the bottom edge of the mask down under the bumper. Note: the position of the Velcro strip on the bottom/center of the mask. Mark this position on the car and install the mating piece of Velcro to the stretch or tightness desired, taking care to completely clean the mounting surface. Caution: allow 24 hr. cure time before trying to remove the mask after it has been attached. (Fig 7.1)

Download PDF Guide

Tools Required

Short handle Philips screwdriver; flat-blade screwdriver; snips or sidecutters

Surface Prep and Care Instructions

NoviStretch® covers are constructed from synthetic stretch fabric that will not chaff or damage the painted surface and have been designed to perform in all weather & road conditions.

It is important that the painted surface be clean prior to installation of the cover. Over time and with use, dirt or dust, may work its way between the cover and the painted surface. Regular cleaning of both the cover & surface is essential to provide proper protection. Severe weather conditions or travel on off-road surfaces increase the recommended frequency for inspection and cleaning.

It is expected to see some cosmetic damage (small holes, thinning, fading or discoloration) to the mask over time & miles as it does its job. However, proper care will maximize product life.”

  • The mask can be cleaned by rinsing in water to remove any dirt or debris then squeezing the water out and let air-dry. Wash (by hand) only as necessary. Use a concentrated soap solution on areas of the mask that may be particularly dirty.
  • Always ensure areas covered by the mask are clean and free of sand and grit before installing the mask.
  • For the best life do not leave the mask on the car while parked in the sun for extended periods.
  • Avoid obstacles and low clearance areas in the roadway that may come in contact with the bottom of the car causing the mask to snag and the material to tear.

Special Installation Instructions

Front License Plate Installation – A front license plate may be installed over the mask without causing harm to the mask. The small holes made by the mounting screws will not cause the fabric to “run”. Thumbscrews may be used to make the removal of the license plate more convenient.