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FM100HD – Installation Instructions | NoviStretch

NoviStretch™ Front Bumper Mask

Step #1

Clean the fairing surface thoroughly (tar and grease remover is recommended).

Step #2

Holding the cover at the ends with each hand, the cover is stretched and moved into place fitting over the ends of the fairing. Note: the “non-slip” strips sewn into the mask indicate the interior/inside side of the mask that should be in full contact with the back of the fairing housing. The mask material will be a very tight fit, however the material will stretch allowing for the mask to cover the fairing (much like a fitted bed-sheet). The non-slip material helps prevent the mask from “rebounding” during the installation process.

Step #3

The mask can now be positioned over the fairing by pulling it down at the bottom-center until the center opening in the mask is centered over the headlamp. Note: while the mask should be a tight fit, there is enough stretch to go over the air deflectors if they are installed on your fairing. Note: ensure the opening is properly centered over the headlamp so as not to obstruct or prevent the headlamps full and complete operation

Step #4

The hook and loop straps can now be used to secure the mask to the handlebars (one on each side). Pull the hook & loop one-Wrap strap beyond and around the handlebar base, securing the strap back onto itself. The strap should be pulled tight enough so as to secure the mask however not so tight as to create excessive pressure, tension or tearing. Note: Do not operate motorcycle without securing the mask utilizing these straps.

Step #5 (Optional)

If desired the mask can be made to cover up to the windshield, by swapping the OEM screws in the fairing trim and replacing with the supplied thumbscrews the mask may be raised to the top line of the fairing. Note: this is optional, as the mask is sufficiently secured without hooking to the thumbscrews.

Remove the two (2) outside OEM screws along the top of the fairing and replace with the supplied thumbscrews. Note: 3 thumbscrews are supplied should you wish to use hardware consistently across fairing (except 2014 which would require a longer center screw). Hook the small straps of the mask located along the top elastic over the thumbscrew.

The NoviStretch™ FM100HD fairing mask is secured to the motorcycle using resistance principle installation along with retaining straps and optional thumbscrews. The initial installation should require approximately 5 minutes to complete. After setup the mask can be easily installed in just under one minute.

The FM100HD is designed for installation on all Harley-Davidson Motorcycles equipped with a “Bat Wing” fairing.

Tools Required

Torx head screwdriver.

Cleaning and Care Instructions
  • The mask can be cleaned by rinsing in water to remove any dirt or debris then squeezing the water out and let air-dry. Wash (by hand) only as necessary. Use a concentrated soap solution on areas of the mask that may be particularly dirty.
  • Always ensure areas covered by the mask are clean and free of sand and grit before installing the mask.
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