Perfomance Protective Covers

LC100HD – Installation Instructions | NoviStretch

NoviStretch™ Lid Covers

Step #1

Clean the Hard Bag Lid thoroughly (tar and grease remover is recommended).

Step #2

With the top of the saddlebag open position the lid cover over one end of the top and then stretch to secure the cover over the other end.

Note: this is a tight fit but the material will stretch to allow the cover to pass over the housing and ensure a snug, contoured fit.

Step #3

Arrange the material by adjusting as necessary to position the cover smoothly over the housing.

Note: the hinge side of the lid cover may be positioned by working the material slightly “back & forth” to tuck underneath the hinge. As well, the cover can be installed over the latch handle without interfering with its operation.

The NoviStretch™ LC100HD lid covers are a stretch-fit protective cover designed to slip over the top of all Harley-Davidson hard bags.

Tools Required

No Tools Required.

Cleaning and Care Instructions
  • The mask can be cleaned by rinsing in water to remove any dirt or debris then squeezing the water out and let air-dry. Wash (by hand) only as necessary. Use a concentrated soap solution on areas of the mask that may be particularly dirty.
  • Always ensure areas covered by the covers are clean and free of sand and grit before installing the mask.
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